Julian Alterini

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with expertise in brand design, web design, motion design, and filmography, which has naturally evolved into a Creative Director. My passion lies in building and leading distributed design teams, and crafting impactful narratives through visual identities, illustrations, websites, videos, and animations.

I’m currently living in Buenos Aires Gold Coast Melbourne Erfurt Berlin Bayreuth.

Fluent languages
English, Spanish, French
Argentinian, Italian


Born and raised in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, my childhood was filled with lively football conversations and a never-ending curiosity for technology. Early on, I found myself captivated by screens, whether creating pixel art in Paint, embarking on heroic quests to save Princess Peach, or simply watching the Windows 95 disk defragmenter do its thing.

At fourteen, I stumbled upon a video camera and soon found myself editing my first short film, showcasing a friend sitting down from a multitude of perspectives. This was the moment that sparked my passion for cameras and computers, and introduced me to my lifelong creative companion: Adobe.

After high school, I immersed myself in the world of audiovisuals at college, while also exploring every software I could find. My quest for knowledge eventually led to a freelance career, creating videos for a diverse range of organizations. In 2009, I was fortunate enough to make a YouTube documentary that got nearly 9 million views. This unexpected success opened doors for me to create five long-form documentaries for television broadcast across Latin America.

At twenty-two, while running my documentary and motion design agency, I discovered a love for teaching and began instructing courses on direction, production, post-production, digital art, and multimedia design at various film schools in Buenos Aires. Over four enriching years, I had the opportunity to learn from over 700 talented students.

In 2014, I embarked on a new adventure, traveling overseas in search of new experiences. My journey first took me to Australia, where I had the privilege of leading a skilled team of motion designers. There, I had the honor of collaborating with some of the world's most successful brands. My wanderlust ultimately led me to Germany in 2017, where I dove into the Web3 world. Blockchain felt like my generation's revolution, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Over the past few years, I've been entrusted with the role of the first in-house designer for two of the most reputable blockchain projects in the industry. In these positions, I've built brands, processes, teams, and fostered a culture of collaboration, kindness, empathy, and efficiency. My journey has been an incredible ride of exploration, discovery, and growth. As I continue to forge my path, I am eager to see where this adventure will take me next.


Soft skills

motion design
video editing
digital illustration
brand design
web design
sound design
team building
team management
design processes
design thinking
design advocacy
problem solving
project management

Softwares & tools

adobe after effects
adobe illustrator
adobe premiere
adobe photoshop
adobe indesign
adobe xd
cinema 4d

Work Experience

Starknet logo

Head of Design

Starknet Foundation

In 2024, I joined the Starknet Foundation as the first full-time Design hire, to establish and lead its Design function.


Creative Director

Aztec Labs

In late 2023, I took on the role of Creative Director at Aztec Labs, tasked with the initial mission of revamping the brand and its visual identity, as well as establishing an efficient and scalable design function to successfully drive an ambitious upcoming roadmap. My efforts were divided into three key areas: design operations, overall brand and visual identity, and website redesign and tech stack improvements.

In Design Operations, my primary objective was to streamline file management workflows, critical for teams spread across various locations. Additionally, I implemented a comprehensive, end-to-end design process that dictates how we handle design requests from start to finish. This process sets clear standards for interactions between team members, stakeholders, and the design team.

Regarding the brand and visual identity, the existing Aztec brand lacked a strategic focus for the long term. By reassessing its brand positioning and visual identity, we aimed to significantly enhance Aztec's brand awareness. This involved creating a scalable and intentional design system that can support the brand in the years ahead, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience for all Aztec users and personas.

For the website, I led a complete redesign and its implementation, while transitioning to a more efficient CMS, integrating automations with Airtable to give teams autonomy over their specific site sections.


Head of Design


In 2017, I joined Lightcurve as the company's first designer. Lightcurve is a Berlin-based blockchain development studio focused on building Lisk, a JavaScript-based blockchain application platform founded in May 2016. Lisk aims to broaden and simplify the accessibility of blockchain technology.

At Lightcurve, my responsibilities included implementing design processes and workflows, as well as growing and managing the entire Design department, divided into product design and brand design.

The product design team led the interfaces and experiences of Lisk Hub and Lisk Mobile, the official Lisk wallets, with the goal of making blockchain accessible to everyone through modern, clean, and user-friendly applications.

The brand design team managed the creation, expansion, and consolidation of the corporate identities of both Lightcurve and Lisk. They also supported marketing initiatives through a full range of deliverables, such as technical infographics for Lisk Academy, a Lightcurve-owned blockchain education portal, and various visuals and video series shared with a community of over 200,000 enthusiasts.


Motion Design Lead

Resolution Media

In 2014, I began my overseas journey, working full-time as a motion designer at Resolution Media, an agency based in Melbourne, Australia. With over 20 years of activity, the agency has successfully produced a wide range of audiovisual content, including TV and online advertising, corporate videos, long-form animations, and documentaries.

At Resolution Media, I led motion design projects and the team of in-house animators. Over the years, I had the opportunity to direct and collaborate on numerous long and short-form motion graphics projects and case studies for companies such as Red Cross, Starcom, Telstra, Westpac, University of Melbourne, Australia Post, McDonald's, REI, and Coca-Cola, among others.

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