Lightcurve Redesign

Lightcurve, the parent brand of Lisk, embarked on a rebranding journey in 2019, aiming to establish a captivating identity and reinforce its position as a leader in the blockchain industry, as well as a top employer of choice. The rebranding sought to develop a visually striking and unique design language that would effectively convey the brand's core values across various touchpoints and applications, while ensuring a distinct experience separate from the Lisk brand.

As the Head of Design, my responsibility was to guide our team in creating a potent and resonant brand identity that genuinely embodied Lightcurve's essence and mission


Key challenges

Building from the ground up.

With little pre-existing visual or positioning elements to draw upon, we needed to start from scratch, conducting extensive research and exploration to craft a fresh and compelling brand identity that would effectively represent Lightcurve's core values and aspirations, and set the right direction for the visual explorations. This required a deep understanding of the company's mission, culture, and target audience, as well as a high level of creativity and innovation to bring the Lightcurve brand to life.

Differentiating from the Lisk brand.

As Lightcurve is the parent brand of Lisk, we needed to create a distinct visual identity that would set it apart from Lisk while still maintaining a sense of unity and connection. An essential aspect of this differentiation was to establish Lightcurve as a top employer in the blockchain industry.

Creating a cohesive brand.

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across multiple touchpoints and applications was another challenge we tackled during the rebranding process. From digital platforms like websites and social media to physical materials like stationery, swag and office print collaterals, it was essential to create a design system that would be versatile and easily adaptable to different contexts.


Comprehensive research and analysis.

To ensure the success of the rebranding project, our team began by conducting a thorough research and analysis phase. We studied the blockchain industry, Lightcurve's competitors, and their target audience to gain a deeper understanding of the market landscape. This process allowed us to identify the unique attributes and selling points of Lightcurve, which we then translated into a powerful and distinctive brand identity.

Collaborative workshops and ideation sessions.

We organized a series of collaborative workshops and ideation sessions with key stakeholders from Lightcurve and the DEPT agency. These sessions encouraged open dialogue, brainstorming, and the sharing of ideas, helping to shape the brand's strategic objectives, positioning, and leading principles. By involving stakeholders, including executives, from the very beginning, we ensured that everyone was aligned with the brand vision and direction.

Versatile and scalable design system.

To address the wide range of applications and touchpoints, our team developed a versatile and scalable design system that could be easily adapted to various contexts. The design system included a comprehensive set of guidelines, templates, and assets, making it simple for designers and non-designers alike to create consistent and on-brand materials for both digital and physical channels.

Employer branding focus.

By centering the brand exploration and consolidation around those applications tailored specifically for recruitment and employee engagement, we optimized the visual language to showcase Lightcurve's unique culture, values, and commitment to innovation. This approach allowed us to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience that not only attracted the best talent in the industry but also fostered a strong sense of belonging and pride among existing team members.

Lightcurve brand

Tone of voice

Collaborating closely with the DEPT agency, early in the process we embarked on a mission to redefine Lightcurve's mission and tone of voice. After a series of insightful workshops, we determined the strategic objective to be "become a benchmark in the world of blockchain" while positioning Lightcurve as "the ideal partner for Lisk-based innovations." Our guiding principle became "Make things matter," which formed the foundation for the brand system's development.


Following an in-depth exploration of various potential directions, we ultimately chose an art direction that struck the perfect balance between professionalism and playfulness. The style combined clean and modern design elements with dynamic and colorful accents, creating a visually engaging and memorable identity living within rather classic layout grids. This approach enabled Lightcurve to cultivate a strong and reputable presence, while simultaneously setting itself apart from the Lisk brand.

Our team meticulously crafted a comprehensive guideline containing all brand documentation, explaining the rationale behind our creative decisions and providing specific instructions for implementation. This detailed guide ensured that every aspect of the brand's visual identity remained cohesive and consistent, solidifying Lightcurve's position as a leader in the blockchain industry.

In addition to the guidelines, we produced an engaging brand video, which was shared internally during the onboarding process. This invaluable resource facilitated a seamless transition for all employees across various brands, empowering each individual to become a champion for brand consistency and a driving force behind Lightcurve's success.

Lightcurve | Brand video


The logotype was crafted utilizing the brand's primary typography for the company name. This decision ensured a functional and easily legible design, adaptable across various applications and contexts. The simplicity of the logotype reflects the brand's commitment to clarity and efficiency, while showcasing a strong visual identity.

The logotype was crafted utilizing the brand's primary typography for the company name. This decision ensured a functional and easily legible design, adaptable across various applications and contexts. The simplicity of the logotype reflects the brand's commitment to clarity and efficiency, while showcasing a strong visual identity.

To maintain optimal legibility and visual impact, we established predefined protection areas and minimum dimensions for the logo. This consideration was particularly crucial for print applications, where clear and uncluttered logo placement is essential for preserving the brand's identity.

Lastly, we developed a logo animation, incorporating motion as a key aspect of the brand's visual language. The circle within the animation symbolizes a source of light, representing the company's vision and creative spirit. Initially, indistinct paths form a curve resembling a light curve, which are, in fact, segments of the letters G and H, signifying the company's structure and in-house talent. This curve propels the circle (vision) in the right direction (atop the letter i), triggering a transformative change in the animation. The frame becomes illuminated, revealing hidden components and highlighting the brand's ability to unveil new possibilities and insights.

Lightcurve, logo animation
Lightcurve | Logotype animation

Color palette

The meticulously curated color palette for this brand combined a harmonious blend of shades that evoked a sense of sophistication, innovation, and modernity. Each color was chosen to convey specific emotions and meanings.

Infinite Black and Dark Night were deep, rich black tones that exuded elegance and authority while anchoring the brand's visual identity with a timeless and versatile hue. They brought depth and sophistication to the palette and added a touch of mystery while conveying a sense of professionalism, making them ideal choices for backgrounds or typography.

Two different shades of gray offered balance and stability within the palette and served to create different levels of contrast against the darker shades, which allowed us to add visual interest and hierarchy to the design elements.

Digital Cyan was chosen as a vibrant, electric shade of cyan that infused the palette with energy and innovation. This bold color symbolized technology and progress, capturing the brand's forward-thinking ethos and commitment to digital solutions.

A warm Golden Yellow was chosen as an inviting color that added an element of brightness and optimism to the palette. This rich color conveyed a sense of success and achievement, highlighting the brand's ambitions and aspirations.


Neue Haas Grotesk Regular was selected as the brand typography due to its versatile, timeless, and highly legible qualities. As a refined and modern interpretation of the classic grotesque typeface, it seamlessly blends traditional and contemporary design elements, perfectly aligning with the brand's ethos of innovation and sophistication and overall art direction.

The typeface's clean and balanced letterforms convey a sense of stability and reliability, while its subtle nuances and unique character details add personality and warmth. Furthermore, Neue Haas Grotesk Regular's exceptional readability across various sizes and mediums makes it a practical and consistent choice for both print and digital applications.

For those applications where custom fonts aren't available, Roboto was selected as an open-source alternative, providing a similar aesthetic and maintaining a consistent visual experience across all platforms.


One of the key visual elements of the brand was a dynamic wave pattern, which served as a unifying and distinctive design element across various touchpoints. The wave pattern not only captured the essence of fluidity and movement, reflecting the brand's adaptable and innovative nature, but it also embodied a sense of harmony and balance, symbolizing the seamless integration of technology and human creativity.

The wave pattern's organic and flowing form made it a versatile design element that could be effectively utilized in both digital and physical applications. In digital contexts, the pattern added depth, visual interest, and a touch of energy to web and app interfaces, while in physical spaces such as office environments, the wave pattern was used as a subtle yet impactful design feature on walls, signage, or other branded materials, enhancing the overall atmosphere and reinforcing the brand identity.

Lightcurve | Animated patterns


The brand's visual language was further enriched by the inclusion of captivating outlined illustrations, masterfully designed by Gino Hoiting, a talented illustrator from the Netherlands. These illustrations seamlessly blended figurative elements, such as humans or office objects, with abstract symbols and shapes, resulting in a visually engaging and thought-provoking art style that perfectly aligned with the overall brand direction.

Lightcurve, illustration about buildLightcurve, illustration about creativityLightcurve, illustration about imaginationLightcurve, illustration about having funLightcurve, illustration about collaborationLightcurve, illustration about interaction
Lightcurve | Illustrations

This unique illustration style effectively captured and communicated Lightcurve's values, embodying the fusion of creativity, innovation, and technology that lay at the core of the brand. The outlined illustrations served as conceptual portraits, encapsulating the essence of the company's ethos while offering a visually striking and memorable visual element.

Lightcurve, illustration about collaborative successLightcurve, illustration about a welcoming workplaceLightcurve, illustration about working in berlinLightcurve, illustration about innovationLightcurve, illustration about dialogueLightcurve, illustration about making a difference
Lightcurve | Illustrations


The brand's iconography followed the same visual language as the illustrations, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout all design elements. Crafted with a linear, thin, and easily readable style, these icons embodied the brand's commitment to clarity and simplicity while maintaining a visually captivating appearance.

Media pack

In our quest to create a comprehensive and engaging brand experience, we developed a custom media pack that encompassed a variety of audiovisual elements. Alongside the animated components previously mentioned, we also designed logo stings and lower thirds specifically tailored for employer branding videos.

Lightcurve | Logo stings

These additional elements helped to further elevate the brand's visual identity, ensuring a consistent and polished aesthetic across all media formats and platforms.

Lightcurve | Lower thirds & character animation


The brand's photographic style incorporated a sense of depth with blurred backgrounds, placing emphasis on the subject while creating a visually appealing aesthetic. Natural lighting was preferred over studio lights, enhancing the authenticity and warmth of the images.

The photographs were colorfully retouched, with key hues saturated to imbue the visuals with vibrancy and energy. Furthermore, the photographic style was characterized by its casual nature, avoiding posed shots in favor of candid moments that captured genuine expressions and interactions.


Additionally, we developed an extensive range of applications that spanned various platforms and mediums. These included striking digital banners, elegant stationery, vibrant social media visuals, standout rollups, and distinctive promotional merchandise, amongst others.


The Lightcurve redesign project culminated in a striking and cohesive brand identity that effectively conveyed the company's core values, innovative spirit, and commitment to being a top employer in the blockchain industry. The carefully crafted visual language, which included a compelling art direction, artful visual elements, and versatile systems, resonated strongly with both internal and external audiences, significantly strengthening Lightcurve's position in the market.

This comprehensive rebranding effort extended to Lightcurve's office spaces in Berlin, where the new visual identity was seamlessly integrated, creating a vibrant and inspiring environment for employees. With an emphasis on employer branding, Lightcurve successfully attracted top talent, fostered a sense of pride and belonging among team members, all while distinguishing itself from the Lisk brand.

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