Lisk Relaunch Event

In February 2018, Lisk embarked on an official relaunch event at Berlin's Westhafen Event & Convention Center, marking a pivotal moment in the company's journey. Amongst technological improvements, this milestone event showcased Lisk's new brand identity and logo to an audience of over 500 attendees, including Lisk community members, media representatives, and various pioneers and enthusiasts from the industry.

As the sole Designer on the team, my responsibility was to create the audiovisual pieces that would open the event and present the overall branding, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for the attendees.

Brand, Motion

Key challenges

Tight timeline.

One of the primary challenges was to produce all the required materials within a limited timeframe. This constraint demanded a highly efficient and streamlined approach to design and production, ensuring that high-quality results were delivered on time.

Creating foundational pieces.

The videos were intended to serve as the primary medium for revealing two of the most crucial aspects of the relaunch: the new logo and the updated brand identity. This required careful consideration of visual storytelling techniques and attention to detail in order to communicate the brand's evolution effectively.

Developing a motion graphics style on the fly.

As the first instance of applying the new brand identity to motion graphics, it was vital to define a set of rules and guidelines that would ensure consistency, coherence, and a strong visual language for future applications across various media.

Meeting high expectations.

In early 2018 the blockchain industry saw a massive spike of adoption. Lisk's relaunch event was highly anticipated by both the internal community and the broader industry, resulting in increased pressure to deliver a compelling and visually striking experience. It was essential to create audiovisual content that would not only captivate the audience but also reinforce Lisk's position as an industry leader.


Leveraging mood boards.

Mood boards played a critical role in the development of the audiovisual pieces, providing a visual reference and a means of aligning the team's vision. By presenting a clear understanding of the desired aesthetic and emotional impact, mood boards ensured that the final pieces effectively communicated the intended emotions and captured the essence of Lisk's new brand identity.

Rapid feedback loops.

To maximize efficiency and minimize production time, an agile iterative process was implemented. This approach allowed stakeholders to provide constant feedback on animatics and enabled the design team to make swift adjustments as needed. By fostering a collaborative environment and open communication, this solution greatly reduced the total time of production and ensured that all elements aligned with the brand's vision.

Soundtrack-driven approach.

Understanding the importance of managing the mood and energy of the audience during the event, a soundtrack-driven approach was adopted for creating the visual elements. By selecting the soundtrack first for each piece, the team was able not only to influence the ambience of the event, but also build an harmonious and impactful audiovisual narrative.

Logo Reveal

The Lisk Relaunch Event opened with a captivating video that showcased the unveiling of the new logo. This carefully crafted animation guided the audience through the process of constructing the logo, revealing its wireframes and building it piece by piece, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, and leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Employing a modern, technology-inspired visual style, the animation featured dark backgrounds, neon glows, and an emotionally charged epic soundtrack that set the stage for a high-energy event.

Lisk Logo Reveal, opener of the Lisk Relaunch Event.

Lisk Brand Video

The "Lisk Brand Video'' was the key piece that would present the new brand to the world. Through a dynamic montage built in a visually engaging and rhythmic way, the animation seamlessly showcased the fresh typography, vibrant colors, innovative visual language, modern iconography, and captivating illustration style; ultimately capturing the essence of Lisk's revitalized image. Additionally, the video offered a glimpse into the redesigned Lisk wallets and unveiled key elements of the new website, further demonstrating the brand's commitment to delivering a comprehensive and cohesive user experience.

Lisk new brand presentation, Lisk Relaunch Event.


The aftermovie offers an immersive glimpse into the atmosphere, the interactions, and the reactions of the attendees as they experienced the unveiling of Lisk's new brand identity firsthand.

Aftermovie of the Lisk Relaunch Event which took place on February 20th, 2018.


The Lisk Relaunch Event achieved remarkable success, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees and solidifying Lisk's position within the industry. The engaging audiovisual pieces, captivating presentations, and well-executed event planning came together to create a memorable experience that showcased Lisk's dedication to innovation, community, and excellence.

The new brand identity resonated with the audience and effectively communicated Lisk's core values and vision, contributing to a surge in interest and enthusiasm among both existing and potential users. The overwhelmingly positive response to the event has not only strengthened Lisk's reputation but also paved the way for future growth, fostering new partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities that helped propel the brand to even greater heights.

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