Lisk Video Series

During 2018, as Head of Design at Lisk, we decided to create a series of video formats that would allow us to open a new communication channel with Lisk’s existing community. The series focus was to provide regular updates on the progress of the Lisk project and the operations of Lightcurve, the parent organization of Lisk, in an easy-to-follow and fun way. The ultimate goal was to increase transparency, build trust, and create engagement opportunities with the Lisk community and potential investors.

As Lisk's Head of Design, I was responsible for ideating, producing, and directing all the video series.


Key challenges

Bridge the gap with Lisk’s community.

Fostering the right communication strategies between a blockchain project and its Community it’s not only vital to nurture the nature of a decentralized project, but also serves to build trust, an attribute that is particularly important in the blockchain industry.

Increase transparency.

The video series aimed to increase transparency about the development of the Lisk  project, as well as bring visibility to Lisk’s Marketing initiatives and Lightcurve team members, and engage with the community through shareable, easy-to-digest content.

Increase participation.

The video series aimed to increase participation from the community by providing content that was not only informative but also visually appealing and engaging. This was important for keeping the community interested and invested in the project, which could lead to increased participation and adoption.

Present information in an engaging and consistent way.

The series had to be flexible enough to present simple operations information as well as complex technical updates through a cohesive and unified format, all through a consistent language that followed a clear narrative structure


The video series were intentionally planned around a specific set of modern and dynamic audiovisual storytelling techniques, which helped not only create engaging pieces of content, but also keep a consistent identity throughout all the series.

Crafted artwork.

To present the content in an engaging way, we used high-quality animation, clear narration, and engaging visuals that helped to simplify the concepts being presented. This helped to make the videos more accessible to viewers and kept them engaged throughout.

Dynamic rhythm.

To keep the viewer engaged, we paid close attention to pacing, visuals, and sound effects. We made sure that the videos were visually appealing, included engaging animations, and had sound effects that helped to reinforce the concepts being presented. We also made sure that the videos were edited carefully in a way that kept the viewer interested and focused throughout.

A consistent format.

To maintain consistency throughout the video series, we developed a series of individual templates that were regularly used during the production phase of each video. This template included a clear narrative structure, predetermined use of color, and a consistent media pack. This helped to ensure that each video in the series had a consistent look and feel, which made it easier for viewers to follow along while generating a sense of belonging with the series.

Intentional scripts.

To deliver accurate information, we established a series of specific process that allowed us to conduct thorough research and consult with subject matter experts to ensure that the information presented in the videos was reliable and up-to-date.

Lisk Vlog

The Lisk Vlog is a mid-long-form video series that was launched to bring a fresh and vibrant overview of the previous month on the Lisk project. Targeted to Lisk enthusiasts, it provided a real inside-look into life at Lisk, aiming to open the doors to the Lightcurve office and give a unique insight into the progress within each department, including interviews with various members of the team.

The Lisk Vlog was released monthly on Lisk’s YouTube channel throughout 2018 and 2019.

Lisk Vlog #3, published on May 31, 2018

Lisk Monthly

Lisk Monthly is the evolution of Lisk’s Vlog. Pursuing the goal to increase retention, Lisk Monthly is a reformatted short-form monthly recap hosted by Lisk’s Community team, that summarizes what happened during the last month, mixing motion graphics and footage in a dynamic, digestible, social-media-friendly way. Targetted to Lisk enthusiasts, the editions featured Development, Marketing, Business, and Community-related updates.

Lisk Monthly premiered on the last working day of the month, in the Lisk Twitter channel.

Lisk Monthly Update - November 2018, published on December 1, 2018

Lisk After-movies

For decentralized projects, events are a perfect opportunity not only to connect with the existing Community but also to consolidate and expand it. Although blockchain communities oftentimes have a deep sense of belonging, their groups are usually spread on every corner of the world. Lisk Aftermovies series were targeted to general blockchain enthusiasts, aiming not only to bring visibility about a specific group or event, but also as a chance to advocate for Lisk’s improvements, and its defining mission.

Lisk Amsterdam Meetup - June 2018 Aftermovie, published on June 28, 2018.


By providing regular updates on the development of the project, viewers could stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, and gain a better understanding of the team's vision and mission. Additionally, by showcasing the inner workings of Lightcurve's operations, viewers could get an insight into the organization's culture, values, and work processes, which would help build a stronger connection with the community and improve trust in the project's overall direction. Overall, the video updates provided an essential communication channel that allowed the project team to engage with its stakeholders, foster transparency, and build trust with its viewers.

Lisk’s communication strategies were based on direct feedback from the Lisk Community. To define and refine the video series, we consistently gathered qualitative data both from Lisk community members and foreign users, as well as analyzing video metrics, specifically views and retention.

The iterative approach to audiovisual communication resulted in video series that evolved in format over time, combining a total of +150.000 views and +65% retention throughout 2018 and 2019. Also, Lisk Video Series consistently ranked at the top of the Communities' preferred ways to get informed.

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