lisk.js is Lisk's marquee annual developer-focused event, which made its debut in 2019 at the iconic Kühlhaus Berlin. The event aimed to provide an interactive, engaging, and educational experience for its attendees, immersing them in the world of blockchain technology and JavaScript development.

As Lisk's Head of Design, I was responsible for spearheading the creation of the lisk.js brand identity. My mission was to guide my talented team in crafting a unique, timeless and memorable visual language that would captivate the event's audience and leave a lasting impression.


Key challenges

Catering to the developer audience.

The event was mainly targeted at blockchain and JavaScript developers. As such, the brand identity needed to resonate with this specific audience and reflect their interests and passions.

Establishing a timeless appeal.

The brand needed to pass the test of time, remaining consistent and relevant throughout the years while adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology and software development.

Creating a scalable system.

The brand had to be flexible and versatile, adapting seamlessly to various physical and digital applications. It needed to deliver a high-quality experience in both real-life and virtual environments, such as event banners, promotional materials, social media, and website design.

Connecting lisk.js with Lisk.

While lisk.js needed to stand as its own independent sub-brand, it was crucial for it to remain connected to Lisk's primary visual identity, conveying a sense of continuity and unity across Lisk's ecosystem.

Executing a strict timeline.

The development and approval of the brand identity had to be completed within a tight timeframe, challenging our team to work efficiently and deliver a high-quality result under time pressure.


Collaborative design process.

We involved developers, event organizers, and other stakeholders in the design process to ensure that the brand identity truly reflects the essence of the event and appeals to its target audience.

Console typeface.

We selected a console font for the typography, a design choice that directly appealed to the event's developer audience. This typeface, reminiscent of the coding environment, created a strong visual connection with the world of software development.

Code as text.

Implementing text formatting and paragraph styles inspired by code layouts, using typography as both a visual and communication tool. This approach would create an instantly recognizable design language that speaks directly to the developer audience, subtly reinforcing the event's focus on blockchain and JavaScript development while ensuring a cohesive and engaging brand identity.

Developer hints.

To resonate with the target audience of developers, we integrated JavaScript coding characters and ligatures into the brand's design elements. The brand incorporated striking visual elements in a bold and dynamic way, which fostered a sense of familiarity and engagement among the event's attendees.

Lisk's signature colors.

We carefully selected a reduced color palette that incorporated Lisk's primary colors, fostering a strong visual connection between the sub-brand and its parent brand.

Flexible grid layouts.

The brand system heavily leaned on grid layouts, sometimes even exposed, to allow the brand to be scalable for various applications. The grid-based design approach provided a strong foundation for adapting the brand identity across different platforms and formats, ensuring visual consistency and coherence.

lisk.js brand

Digital applications were an essential component of the event's communication and engagement strategy. These applications, which include promotional banners, agendas, social media assets, and other interactive materials, not only help convey important information but also contribute to building a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

To further enhance the promotion of the lisk.js event and captivate the target audience, a series of animated pieces were created as part of the event's marketing strategy. These dynamic visuals not only added an engaging and lively dimension to the event's digital presence but also helped to convey the innovative spirit and energy that lisk.js aimed to embody.

Lisk.js, promotional animated gif
lisk.js promotional animation

In addition to the digital applications, print collaterals played a significant role in enhancing the overall experience at the lisk.js event. High-quality brochures, rollup banners, informative signage, and other printed materials were thoughtfully designed to not only provide essential information but also to maintain the cohesive and memorable brand identity.

These tangible elements helped to create a well-rounded experience for attendees, seamlessly guiding them through the event while reinforcing the event's core themes and messages.


lisk.js emerged as one of Lisk's most remarkable achievements in 2019. The annual developer-focused conference, taking place in the vibrant city of Berlin, served as a platform to showcase the collaborative development and research efforts of the Lisk project and its thriving ecosystem. The event also offered a forum for valuable conversations, knowledge-sharing, and networking among community members.

Lisk.js, photo of entrance and swag
Lisk.js, photo of man holding thsirt
Lisk.js, photo of ambient without people
Lisk.js, photo of stage during keynote
Lisk.js, photo of crowd
Lisk.js, photo of speaker in keynote
Lisk.js, photo of signage
Lisk.js, photo of developer workshop
Lisk.js, photo of developers working
Lisk.js, photo of man with tote bag
Lisk.js, photo of tables with people
Lisk.js, photo of closing keynote

The lisk.js event was an overwhelming success, boasting a packed schedule of workshops, talks, and panel discussions that captivated both physical and virtual attendees. The meticulously designed brand identity played a significant role in shaping a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Over time, the lisk.js brand has proven its resilience and adaptability, exemplifying the essence of this annual developer-centric event and remaining a symbol of innovation and collaboration.

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